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About Us

The Impact Mentoring Way

What We Do

At Impact Mentoring Martial Arts, we provide Jiu-Jitsu classes for adults and kids  that are looking to learn how to defend  themselves. We pride ourselves on teaching our students how to  be "bully proof" and we do that by consistent lessons and trainings. 

Our Mission

Why We Do It

At Impact Mentoring Martial Arts our mission goes beyond the mats and the practice of martial arts. We believe in assisting individuals  so that they can navigate life with confidence and resilience.   Our passion is fueled by our desire to equip students with the techniques and principles to be  (what we like to call) bully proof. 

Our Method

How We Do It

In order for our students, young or old, to be bully proof we must  continually train. During these trainings we drill previously learned techniques and  take the time to learn new ones. After learning these techniques we  give the opportunity to test what you learn in a match-like roll.  Doing this gives our students practical experience taking on opponents.

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