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Kids Classes

Experience a Class  Designed For Growth and Mentorship

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Kids Class Membership


The Kids Class Membership gives your child access to all youth classes offered throughout each week. Meaning your child can go to any number of classes they please that work around their busy schedule. In order to see the current schedule and when classes are offered click here.


In these classes they will learn how to defend themselves, improve their motor skills, become more disciplined, and socialize with other students. They will learn from a black belt instructor, James Gray (Owner) who has been training in martial arts for 20+ years and has much experience mentoring and teaching the youth. In the lessons students can expect to learn self-defense techniques and become "bully proof."

Starting something new can be intimidating, but we assure you that your time at Impact Mentoring Martial Arts Class will be exciting and something you cant wait to get back to the next day. 
*These classes are for 6-16 yrs of age, if you are older check out the adult classes*
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